HO (1/87) Scale 92' Diesel Railraod Tugboat Kit

HO 92' Diesel Railroad Tugboat
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HO 92' Diesel Railroad Tugboat Kit
Diesel Railroad Tug Fire Monitor DetailDiesel Railroad Tug Stair Detail
Railroad Tugboat Stack DetailRailroad Tugboat Fidley Detail
Railroad Tugboat Rusty Paint Scheme
Alternative paint scheme idea.
HO 92' Diesel Railroad Tugboat Kit Resin Parts
Resin Kit Parts
 HO 92' Diesel Railroad Tugboat Kit Pewter Parts
Pewter Kit Parts
HO (1/87) scale 92' Diesel Railroad Tug

This beautiful kit is based on a 92' 9" Diesel Railroad Tug Boat built around 1953. These tugs were indispensable to the rail-marine industry towing carfloats and station floats out to ships, piers and across the harbors and coastal waterways of the United States. They also transferred loaded carfloats from one side of harbors to the other as an extension of rail lines crossing waterways. The tall wheelhouse allowed the ship captain an unobstructed view above carfloats loaded with boxcars.

Our kit is comprised of highly detailed cast resin structural parts i.e.... one piece cast resin hull, one piece cast resin superstructure, one piece cast resin wheelhouse along with other highly detailed cast resin parts. Unlike some other manufacturer's resin kits, ours require very little cleanup of flash and parting lines. We specialize in resin castings that display crisp, intricate detail with thin cross sections. Pewter detail parts include 20 tire bumpers (now cast resin), mast, bitts, anchor, fire monitor and searchlight along with other pewter detail parts. Laser cut plastic railings and laser cut window glazing, rope, and glass bead running lights are also included. (not pictured)

#211     HO (1/87) Scale 92' Diesel Railroad Tugboat     $133.00 

 view and buy extra detail parts from this and other kits!
CA Glu KitAdd our cyanoacrylate (CA) Glue Kit. Regular model glue will NOT work on resin kits. Use this starter kit along with the INSTA-SET sold below for everthing you'll need to get started with your new kit.
#1486     CA Glue Kit     $15.99

Insta CureAdd our cyanoacrylate (CA) Glue. Regular model glue will NOT work on resin kits. Use this fast bonding, thin glue along with the INSTA-SET sold below for great results. You'll also find tons of other uses for this glue around the house and shop!
#1486     CA INSTA-CURE Glue 1 oz     $5.99
INSTA-SETINSTA-SET is an accelerator that when sprayed on the applied CA glue will cause it to cure instantly, greatly increasing assembly speed. Not included in glue kit above.
#1488     INSTA-SET Glue Accelerator     $5.99

UN-CUREUN-CURE is handy to have around to "undo" those accidents that are bound to happen. It de-bonds the CA glue allowing you a second chance if you didn't get it quite right the first time.
#1489     UN-CURE CA De-Bonder     $3.99
Multi Scale Pier 
#191      Multi Scale Pier Kit     $29.00
Tim Warris photo
Photo by Tim Warris of Fast Tracks at the Hartford, CT show in 2009.
Model by Jim Cleveland
Check out Tim's CNJ Bronx Terminal blog at:
Pieces 'n' Parts you can order extra of from this kit:
Rope Bow FenderHO (1/87) Scale Rope Bow Fender
Brown Resin

#1311     Rope Bow Fender     $4.00
Life FloatHO (1/87) Scale Life Float
set of 2 Resin

#1321     Life Float     $6.00
Towing Bitt with BaseHO (1/87) Scale Towing Bitt with Base
Lead Free Pewter Bitt & Resin Base

#1331     Towing Bitt     $8.00
Offset Towing BittHO (1/87) Scale Offset Towing Bitt with Base
Lead Free Pewter Bitt & Resin Base

#1341     Offset Towing Bitt     $8.00
SearchlightHO (1/87) Scale Searchlight with Lens
set of 2
Lead Free Pewter & Plastic Lens

#1351     Searchlight     $6.00
Fire MonitorFire Monitor PaintedHO (1/87) Scale Fire Monitor
2 piece
Lead Free Pewter (unpainted)

#1361     Fire Monitor     $6.00
Cowl VentilatorHO (1/87) Scale Modern Cowl Ventilator
set of 4
Lead Free Pewter

#1371     Modern Ventilators     $8.00
Small Stockless AnchorsHO (1/87) Scale Small Stockess Anchors
Dimensions: .44" tall by .25" wide
set of 4 Lead Free Pewter

#1391     Stockless Anchors     $8.00
Pipe CleatHO (1/87) Scale Pipe Cleat with Base
set of 4 Lead Free Pewter

#1401     Pipe Cleat     $9.00
Ship's LadderHO (1/87) Scale Ship's Ladder
set of 2 Resin
Approx dimensions: length 1/2", width .315" and thickness .100"

#1411     Ship's Ladder     $6.00
Side Marker LightsHO (1/87) Scale Side Marker Lights
(set of 1 Right and 1 Left) Resin and Bead "Lights"

#1461     Side Marker Lights     $8.00
Diesel StackHO (1/87) Scale Diesel Stack
This is a one piece resin casting. Approximate dimensions: 1.75" high by .9" wide by 1.2" long

#1531     Diesel Stack     $7.50
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